1. MANIPULATION (HANDLING Uploading/Loading)


  • Up to 20 kg             500 mkd / delivery
  • 20    –       50 kg       600 mkd / delivery
  • 50     –     100 kg      700 mkd / delivery
  • 100   –     300 kg     800 mkd / delivery
  • 300   –     500 kg     900 mkd / delivery
  • 500   – 1.000 kg      900 + 100 mkd per pending 100 kg / delivery
  • 1.000 – 3.000 kg    900 +   80 mkd per pending 100 kg / delivery
  • Over     3.000 kg    900 +   60 mkd per pending 100 kg / delivery


  • 10% less will be charged to the fees detailed in point A.

       Note :

  • the above fees are for uploading/loading as a whole activity and they cannot be separated;
  • for each receipt of goods (with rest) a handling charge will apply depending on the weight of uploading;
  • the fees refer to a total weight and are rounded up based on a conceived ton or 100 kg as per points A and B;
  • for manipulating with goods without pallets 20% will be added to the fee;
  • for manipulating with goods which are relocated from custom warehouse to public warehouse on further storing is calculated and 50% of the price;
  • for manipulating goods that require handling by hand, goods in need of surveillance and extra care (fragile, frozen, powdered, perishable stock, valuable stock, dangerous materials, deliveries that are not pre-packed and similar), as well as deliveries with piece over 1.500 kg, 20% will be added to the fee



  • up to 1.000 kg        0.040 mkd / kg / per day
  • 1.000 – 3.000 kg    0.038 mkd / kg / per day
  • Over 3.000 kg        20 mkd / ton pending/ per day

            Note :

  • The fees are daily and the calculation commences from the day the goods reach the storage until the day of taking over the same and they relate to total weight;
  • Basic (starting) fee on calculated storage in point 2 on taking over per delivery or part of delivery = 520 mkd;
  • For storing and keeping goods for IMA7, 10% is added immediately, 50% will be added for the period of 3-6 months and after the 6 months 100% will be added to the fees detailed in point 2;
  • For bulky goods the fees are calculated 1m3 = 330 kg;
  • For storing goods sensitive to temperature and placed in freezers 200% will be added to the fees;
  • For storing goods with special requirements and conditions 100% will be added to the fees;
  • For goods subject to customs (duty paid) that have not been taken away 5 days after the day of release of the delivery 50% will be added to the fee



  • Motor bikes 1800 mkd / for the first month
  • Cars 2500 mkd / for the first month
  • Van/tractor 3000 mkd / for the first month
  • Loading vehicle (without trailer) 3500 mkd / for the first month
  • Loading vehicle (with trailer) 4500 mkd / for the first month
  • After the first calendar month, 100 mkd will be added daily for all categories but the last one, in which case 150 mkd will be added to the original fee.





– Transfer of goods (from one vehicle to another)

Up to   3 tons              1.050 mkd

3   –     5 tons               2.050 mkd

5   –   10 tons               3.050 mkd

10 –   15 tons               4.050 mkd

15 –   20 tons               5.050 mkd

20 –   25 tons              6.050 mkd

25 –   30 tons              7.050 mkd

over   30 tons             as agreed



  • The fees are calculated as a one off charge and they refer to total weight;
  • For handling of non-palletised goods 20% will be added to the fees.

– Previous and additional check up                                                              6 mkd / piece

– Destroying deliveries                                                                             1960 mkd / delivery

– Sorting of stored goods as per invoice                                               600 mkd / delivery

– Sampling, phyto/sanitary/veterinary check ups                               600 mkd / delivery

– Paletizing                                                                                                   1090 mkd / delivery

– Stretching-packing                                                                                    600 mkd / delivery

– Labor hiring on demand (per hour)                                                      200 mkd / hour

– Special services on demand                                                                    as agreed

– Recording of fast track delivery  “Authorised receiver”                1.000 mkd + 18% VAT

– For utilization of the bank guarantee for goods with higher value than 50.000 eur,

  monthly will be calculated 0,1% from the invoiced value of those goods







– Business hours: 08:00 – 16:30 hours (Monday – Friday)

  08:00 – 14:30 hours (Saturday)

– For all services outside of business hours, as well as for Sundays and public holidays

  20% will be added to the fees.



– Minimum charge is 1.020 mkd.

– All fees are exclusive of VAT (it will be calculated where applicable).

– The price list, as per register 02-21/1, is in effect from 01.11.2011 and it is valid until

   otherwise specified, without any responsibility for a prior notice of the changes.

  All changes are announced and they can be seen on our website



– The warehouse is responsible for all stored goods, as they were at the moment of receipt, as well as the changes of goods as requested by the owner or his representative with a written authorization by customs.

– It is the responsibility of the receivers of the stock to check its condition and record any concerns together with the person responsible for storing, otherwise it is assumed that the stock has been handed in without any concerns.

– The reimbursement cannot exceed the value of the goods on the invoice, which represents its real value.

– Goods with the receipt for entry are stored in JSC SINTEK indefinitely (except for storage on PPC) .If the warehouse keeper for certain reasons requested by the recipient of goods or orderer (called with one name service user) his goods to be dislocated from JSC SINTEK, the service user is obliged to perform it within 30 days from the date of the written notification. Otherwise, the service user confirms that terminate the rights of property (ownership) of the goods and pass the managing and ownership to the warehouse keeper, who, among other things, can decide to hand the goods in favor to the Republic of Macedonia and all incurred expenses (costs) will be accepted in full by the service user.