The vision for opening of this kind of warehouse stems from the idea to build a quality and practical facility that will offer service of high professional level and where the users are satisfied with the service that will be offered at a competitive price.
Our goal is the users of our services not to have any objections, to receive prompt and quality service, which ensures that we are a warehouse which works highly professionally and offers maximum safety for their goods.
In line with the global and local goals of the company, our quality policy is realized through:
-Top customer care and top service We know our customers very well and we are therefore able to respond to their requirements and exceed their expectations in a proper manner;
-Team composed of experienced and motivated workers In order to achieve our primary goals: professionalism, efficiency, stability and continuous development, we have introduced an organizational system that we feel is most appropriate for our business and our customers.
The managerial team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in this area, and other employees are carefully selected individuals who have considerable experience in the area. In order to motivate our employees and to develop team spirit, we provide ongoing training and opportunities for advancement through the expansion of duties and increased responsibilities.
-Modern Systems and Technology We implement modern systems and the latest technology, offering our customers the best possible quality;
-Leading market position Responsibility, flexibility and experience, innovative thinking, self-initiative and efficiency in the creation of corporate policy ensure our leading market position
-Full quality in our work The implementation of developmental policy is underpinned by fostering and developing of the concept of total quality of our services.